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Program Details

Base Commission 10% - 14%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, EFT
Accepted Countries Global Affiliate Program: Overview is an online store promoting over 150,000 sports products across all sports types. The extent of their coverage includes all your major types and some smaller followings like BMX, Kneeboarding, and Squash.

On the site, visitors can purchase official gear from their favorite teams & players or get involved with its huge selection of equipment and accessories.

The affiliate program is a prime opportunity to promote one of the oldest, largest online retailers of sports products online. Affiliates can earn 10-14% commissions on all sales. The program includes data feeds, 60-day tracking cookie, and a dedicated affiliate team.

Average orders on the site are $125 meaning big commissions for partners! The program goes through the ShareASale and Commission Junction network.

The Program: Pros and Cons may not have the prettiest interface and user experience. But, they’ve got it all and then some. Since 1995, has delivered quality products and experience for their customers. Customers will find everything they need and want through this large online sports retailer.

What are the good parts of the affiliate program? What’s the bad?


  • Repeat commissions if customers return and purchases within 45 days
  • High average orders with scaling commission structure for top performers


  • Clunky website and user experience
  • No free shipping to incentivize purchases Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict is a leader in the online sports category. This one-stop-shop creates a nearly limitless opportunity for those with sports blogs or running sports campaigns. Monetizing your efforts are a breeze through the 150k+ product catalog.

We think the affiliate program is a good candidate for its high average order and recurring commission for repeat buyers in the 45-day timeframe. Especially during peak sports periods!

In all, the offers and promotions are an accurate representation of what you’d expect being an affiliate of one of the largest online retailers for sports items. Check out the program, compare it to others, and see whether has the program you need to monetize effectively.