Oak View Law Group

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Program Details

Base Commission $35 (Lead), $120 (Acquisition)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type EFT
Accepted Countries U.S.

Oak View Law Group Affiliate Program: Overview

Oak View Law Group is a law firm based in California offering a variety of legal services. These services include debt settlement, consolidation, management, and bankruptcy. Services also include wills, trusts, defamation protection, and company formation.

Oak View Law Group is both business and referral source for tens of thousands of other attorneys joining and promoting their services through the platform. The website offers a wealth of tips, legal answers, blogs, and other tools to help clients control their legal standing.

The Oak View Law Group affiliate program lets partners earn commissions by referring leads to debt relief services. Affiliates can expect $35 for each qualified lead and up to $120 for client acquisition.

The Oak View Law Group platform uses an in-house affiliate management services with full features for tracking, reporting, and testing. The platform offers creative and copy to help affiliates improve their reach and conversions when promoting Oak View Law Group offers.

The Oak View Law Group Program: Pros and Cons

Oak View Law Group operates on two ends: one being a team of premium attorneys on retailer and thousands of others within the community & system. This creates a one-stop shop for legal advice and services no matter the state or legal needs.

What makes the Oak View Law Group program a good pick for your legal blog? What are the elements of the program less attractive? Consider…


  • Access to over 60,000 attorneys within its network
  • Higher than normal commissions compared to competitors
  • Hundreds of glowing reviews and client success stories


  • You’re referring to referral services (smaller commission)
  • 84% client satisfaction rating (which seems a bit low)
  • Website conversion funnel could use improvements

Oak View Law Group Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Oak View Law Group provides almost a dozen essential debt relief and financial services. Access to attorneys outside the network through the community portal makes them a one-stop-shop for all legal needs and advice.

The Oak View Law Group affiliate program pays higher than many other competitors. They’ve done a wonderful job embracing content marketing allow their brand to flourish and create a “sticky”, trustworthy site.

In all, Oak View Law Group offers will require extra effort from its service availability. But, we think this is a good problem to have because it’s more to offer your audience. Visit the program, sign up, and see how well this program works for you and your audience.