No College Debt

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Program Details

Base Commission 50% (Products), 25% (Consulting)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

No College Debt Affiliate Program: Overview

No College Debt is an online resource helping pre, current, and college grades a way to minimize and overcome their student loan debt.

The No College Debt site and platform offer a user-friendly guide, tools, consulting, and other resources.

The resources are available through digital download, in print, and as package deals. The site and its program have become a massive success in the student debt space.

The No College Debt affiliate program pays 25-50% commissions for its products – as follows:

  • 50% for the No College Debt ebook or binder edition
  • 25% for the “Just The Consulting” and “eBook & Consulting Package”

The program is available through the e-Junkie platform but also through Amazon Associates via its Kindle publication. Payments are sent on the 15th of each month for sales from the previous.

The No College Debt Program: Pros and Cons

The No College Debt program is a one item promotion fit for debt and college markets.

The barebones program doesn’t give its partners much to work with. But, the product is a hot seller and has a place among your many financial offers and referrals.


  • 25-50% commissions on the publication and/or consulting packages


  • Limited affiliate support and creative assets

No College Debt Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Most financial and debt affiliate products are all-encompassing meaning you’re trying to promote big packages at high costs. With the offers and promotions, you find via No College Debt, you’re focused on just two options: the book and consulting.

The affiliate commission for this single promotional opportunity quickly adds up – $13.50 per sale! There is a lot of free information in the college debt niche – and plenty of affiliate opportunities – but what makes this program special is its personalization.

The husband & wife team of No College Debt is a relationship many prefer with such personal details about their finances. We think this could make for a good promotion for those with a smaller financial blog and campaign.