NH Hotel Group

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Program Details

Base Commission 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Variable
Accepted Countries Global

NH Hotel Group Affiliate Program: Overview

NH Hotel Group operates through several brands including NH Collection, NH Hotels, nhow hotels, and Hesperia resorts. The NH Hotel Group is now one of the 25 largest chains in the world, operating in hundreds of locations across Europe, America, and Africa. Visitors to their booking site, NH-Hotels.com, can use its online search functionality to find and book hotel reservations at special rates – else, use your NH Hotels mobile app to do the same – all while receiving the best price, guaranteed.

The NH Hotel Group affiliate program pays 10% commission on post-click sales within a 30-day cookie.

Registration to the NH Hotel Group program is free. Upon joining, partners can find a variety of tools including banners, mini search engines, text links, emailing copy, and a descriptive hotel data feed. The program includes helpful management and a closed keyword marketing policy.

The NH Hotel Group Program: Pros and Cons

Access to more than 300 hotels throughout Europe, 50 in America, and 1 in Africa presents a good opportunity for partners looking to promote 3 and 4-star hotels in almost every major market. The program includes your usual selection of resources and tools.


  • 10% commissions
  • Mini search engines and data feed


  • Smaller footprint in the industry
  • Hotels are generally mid-tier

NH Hotel Group Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The NH Hotel Group offers and promotions run frequently so partners have plenty of opportunities to inject new interest in their promotions. The payout for the program is your standard, industry offering and the same for most, other aspects.

We think the NH Hotel Group program could tie-in nicely if you’re in the Europe markets. Those affiliates in the U.S. would probably find better success elsewhere. Yet, overall this could become a good promotion if you’re noticing most bookings going to these destinations – join up, swap the listings, and earn a bit more vs generic search booking sites/programs.