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Program Details

Base Commission $3.50 - $20
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

NetQuote Affiliate Program: Overview

NetQuote is a one-stop location to find and compare insurance quotes from several popular insurance brands. These brands include Progressive, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Esurance, and more. The NetQuote platform uses comparison shopping to provide the best insurance quote in one, simple search. Backing the NetQuote brand is an easy-to-use website and an endless flow of great content.

The NetQuote affiliate program is a catch-all for those in the insurance industry. Partners of the NetQuote program enjoy the benefits of promoting all, major brands without the need to sign up and manage accounts for each.

Affiliate payouts range from $3.50 (standard health plans) to $20 (agent enrollment). Popular promotions like auto ($5), homeowner ($9), standard life ($2.50), and others create a wonderful opportunity to monetize no matter your audience intentions.

The NetQuote program features simple but robust affiliate tracking and reporting. Within the system, affiliates will find a library of optimized banners, keyword lists, and SEO articles. Payouts are within 15 days of each calendar month.

The NetQuote Program: Pros and Cons

NetQuote, for the average user, is a great destination to save time and money when buying insurance plans. For the affiliate, it creates several streams of potential income without having to cross-promote or play sides with a singular brand.

What are the highlights of the NetQuote affiliate program? What areas will have you wanting more?


  • A single destination to affiliate with all the major brands
  • Quick payment turnaround and consistent payouts


  • You’re affiliating with an affiliate meaning smaller commissions
  • NetQuote reserves the right to change commissions based on states and products

NetQuote Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

NetQuote creates a portal of opportunity since you’re essentially affiliating with an affiliate. You’re driving leads to the platform for a commission. They’re sending those leads to businesses and providing you with the kickback. It’s something you could do with campaigns but NetQuote makes it easy.

The payout structure for NetQuote offers and promotions are almost on par if you were to join each, individual insurance program. This is a fair trade-off since you’ll manage promotions from one location.

In all, we think the NetQuote affiliate program is perfect for those wanting to monetize without spending a good deal of time with the management. Look into the NetQuote program, sign up, and see how well promotions go within your insurance, business, or finance website.