Native Ads

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Program Details

Base Commission 10%
Payment Frequency Variable
Payment Type Variable
Accepted Countries Global

Native Ads Affiliate Program: Overview is a premium native advertising platform helping brands, publishers, agencies, and individuals grow their online reach. The mission of Native Ads is to remove the disrupting properties found in PPC advertising by partnering content to blogs and websites.

Native advertising is becoming one of the best avenues for building brand awareness and leads. Click-through rates, views, and sharing show incredible promise and numbers. Already, $2.3 billion is spent each year on native advertising – this market has yet to see its full potential.

The Native Ads platform also allows site and blog owners a way to monetize without placing ads throughout their site and disrupting the user flow. Advertisers and publishers benefit from content recommendations, in-stream media, sticky footer content, in-image displays across mobile and desktop.

The Native Ads affiliate program gives affiliates an opportunity to earn 10% commissions when referring advertisers to the network. Affiliates earn recurring commissions so if an advertiser keeps spending then you’ll keep earning a commission.

The Native Ads Program: Pros and Cons

Native Ads provides an innovative solution to ad blindness. Native advertising places valuable content in feeds and sites without disrupting the experience. The Native Ads affiliate program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those in the business space.


  • High, recurring revenue for advertiser spend
  • Flexible promotion and brand guidelines
  • Poised for massive growth seen with the native ad industry


  • Quality depends on publisher and content destination
  • Publishers bypass via guest blogging and paid placement
  • Small advertiser size (creating smaller publisher opportunities)

Native Ads Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think Native Ads is quite an interesting opportunity for both advertiser and publisher. People have turned their backs on text and display ads – more so now that ad blockers are everywhere. Native advertising builds a better Web by sharing content and telling stories.

This creates a great opportunity to build brand awareness and leads without taking the forceful route of pay per click, CPA, and CPL avenues. For site and blog owners, this offers a neat way to monetize! The Native Ads affiliate program is a winner because of its recurring commissions.

In all, we think Native Ads offer and promotions presents fantastic opportunities for both sides. Being the intermediary of the two puts you in a wonderful position to make money in dozens of niches.