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Program Details

Base Commission $6 - $7.50
Payment Frequency Quarterly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

MyFoodDiary Affiliate Program: Overview

MyFoodDiary aims to be the #1 food database helping people count and track calories, diet routines, and exercise regiments. The MyFoodDiary website and tool collects food nutrition not only from general selections but also brands, fast food locations, and restaurants.

The simple MyFoodDiary tool helps users understand their nutrition while helping improve their weight loss motivation. The platform lets users log their exercise and body stats while providing detailed video tutorials and a bustling community of passionate fitness fanatics.

The MyFoodDiary affiliate program is a simple but effective promotion for those in the health and fitness niche.

This sole product/service lets affiliates earn $7.50 per referral through direct deposit. Else, $6.00 per referral if paid by check.

The MyFoodDiary Program: Pros and Cons

MyFoodDiary is a smart and effective tool for those wanting to take control of their physical health and image. It provides a massive database to better understand calorie intact while adding tools and resources to keep the routine going.

Why should you bother promoting MyFoodDiary? What aspects of the MyFoodDiary affiliate program aren’t so good? Consider…


  • One of the largest databases for food
  • Extensive support system and passionate community
  • Flexible promotional terms and conditions


  • Free, comparable services like MyFitnessPal
  • Quarterly payouts and must reach a 3-referral threshold per quarter
  • A recurring commission structure would have better potential

MyFoodDiary Offers and Promotions: What We Think

MyFoodDiary holds a special place for affiliates because it offers one flagship product/service… and it does it well. There are many free calorie counting apps and databases but many confusing or swamped with inaccurate user submissions. MyFoodDiary simply does it better and it’s inexpensive ($9/mo).

The MyFoodDiary program pays relatively well considering it funnels through a free trial and has a low monthly fee. We think it could work better if commissions were a percentage each month. But, it’s still a decent program to promote in any health, diet, or weight loss niche website.

In all, MyFoodDiary offers and promotions have a strong selling point and value proposition. This is a logical purchase for those wanting to lose weight and improve physical health.