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Program Details

Base Commission Variable
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Global

MyCommerce Affiliate Program: Overview

MyCommerce, a Digital River company, is a one-of-a-kind, low-cost ecommerce platform dedicated to providing users a way to sell software and digital products securely.

The MyCommerce platform offers a variety of features including fraud protection, data security, merchant accounts, and global tax compliance. All through a cloud commerce platform bundled into one.

The MyCommerce affiliate program is an ideal promotion for those in the business niche.

The offers and promotions found through the MyCommerce program is for those selling software downloads and/or digital goods such as online courses, plugins, music, games, and more.

Affiliate partners to the MyCommerce program will enjoy access to 5500+ active MyCommerce partners to market their products and receive commissions determined through each merchant on the platform.

The MyCommerce Program: Pros and Cons

MyCommerce has several larger (and smaller) competitors but what they do right, like none other, is digital product sales. Their platform houses thousands of affiliate candidates across all areas of entertainment, software, and more. This opportunity offers flexible incentives depending which merchants you choose to work with.

What are the good points of the MyCommerce affiliate program? Where does it lack?


  • 5500+ merchants active on the platform
  • Proprietary and traditional cookie-tracking system
  • Digital downloads with low sales funnel barriers


  • Programs and commissions are determined by the merchant
  • Similar products sold through bigger, branded channels

MyCommerce Offers and Promotions: What We Think

The MyCommerce ecommerce platform and network have many great features for those wanting to sell software and digital goods. Though, the affiliate program side of the service has much to be desired since it’s a hit or miss with whether merchants have their program activated.

There are several recognizable brands found on the MyCommerce platform including Enigma Software, Kaspersky Lab, and Wild Card. This creates an interesting mix of what you can promote through a site, blog, or campaign because it all depends on what you’re after and what you find.

In all, we think MyCommerce offers and promotions are worth exploring if you’re casting a wide net on affiliate promotions. The MyCommerce program has a little bit of everything for everyone.