Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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Program Details

Base Commission 6%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Variable
Accepted Countries Global

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Affiliate Program: Overview

Mr. and Mrs. Smith began as a platform to share adventures of two hotel lovers (Mr. and Mrs. James and Tamara Lohan) and evolved into one of the largest, online travel clubs. The site collects and curate’s unique hotels in interesting locations, all reviewed by the in-house team or trusted tastemakers.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith travel club is free to join – members receive year-round hotel offers, inspiration, and help from expert travel specialists. The club includes a premium tier featuring concierge service connecting travelers to the best locations –members also receive a welcome package with each stay.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith affiliate program, available through Rakuten, pays its partners 6% commissions within a 30-day cookie window. Referrals will find hand-picked, anonymously reviewed destinations throughout the world – with little, free extras and a price-match guarantee.

The Mr. and Mrs. Program includes your expected host of affiliate resources and tools.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith Program: Pros and Cons

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith affiliate program has a unique offer – tailoring exotic getaways and locations through extensive reviews from travel experts. The premium membership of its travel club creates a wonderful incentive not found through travel sites from the major brands.


  • Personalized recommendations
  • Exclusive listings, deals, and offers for premium members


  • Comparable discounted offers (without the service) on other travel networks
  • Restricted branding and keyword policy

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The offers and promotions you’ll find through the Mr. and Mrs. Smith program are like none other you’ve likely promoted on your travel site. Get away from the generic, catch-all travel brands and offer your community something unique – a membership to one of the largest online travel clubs!

We think the Mr. and Mrs. Affiliate program has a nice balance between service, deals, and promotions for its partners. This program could add a much-needed, tailored element to your set of offers.