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Program Details

Base Commission $10
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type EFT
Accepted Countries Global

MetroMile Affiliate Program: Overview

MetroMile is a unique insurance company providing its clients with insurance paid by the mile. The service is ideal for business travelers and city-dwellers not needing full coverage for their limited time on the road. On average, clients can save up to $500 a year by switching to MetroMile when factoring their long-term mileage – drive less, pay less is their motto – flexible options (and full coverage) is available with a small 3.2c for mileage over the allotted amount.

The MetroMile affiliate program offers a revolutionary service (in select areas and growing) providing its partners $10 starting commissions on all valid quotes. Commissions increase with performance.

The program is managed through the Impact Radius platform where you’ll find plenty of tools and resources for launching your insurance campaign. Affiliates are accepted all over the world, and most should receive a confirmation not long after applying.

The MetroMile Program: Pros and Cons

The MetroMile affiliate program is open to all but its service is only available in 7 U.S. states (currently). This includes California, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Partners will receive ample support and a regular, monthly newsletter for content ideas and updates to improve your affiliate efforts.


  • $10 per lead
  • Industry-disrupting service


  • Affiliate cookie doesn’t “kick in” until their ‘rates’ page
  • Service isn’t available in most areas

MetroMile Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Promoting the MetroMile offers brings something absolutely revolutionary to your audience. How many do you think know pay-by-mile insurance is available? Probably not a lot! Their service is dirt cheap, easy-to-use, and a true game-changer for auto owners (in the covered states) – meaning its novelty will likely pull them to the site and have them going through the setup.

The MetroMile program pays surprisingly well, too, at $10 per lead. This goes up with performance.

Overall, the scope of their coverage is rather small (though 30% of U.S. driving population). But, getting in on this early, building awareness, and ranking content can have you primed for a massive wave of money and disruption once it goes nationwide!