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MedWOW Affiliate Program: Overview

MedWOW is an online portal where visitors can buy and sell new & used medical equipment. The market for medical equipment carries a hefty price tag. MedWOW makes it possible to bid, at auction, more than 270,000 products – it’s one of the only platforms in its industry!

The MedWOW catalog covers medical equipment manufactured within the last 25 years. Visitors from 190 countries can reach new markets and find time-saving solutions to provide patients with the necessary equipment to practice health services effectively.

The MedWOW SafeTrade security features place a third-party to facilitate transactions while creating a unique inspector network, business reporting, and buyer/selling rating program to ensure quality between parties.

As of 02018: The MedWOW affiliate program is offline — we will update this page if it returns.

The MedWOW Program: Pros and Cons

MedWOW is a one-of-a-kind platform for the healthcare and medical industry. The site facilitates medical equipment sales bringing new life to still-working machines.


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MedWOW Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

MedWOW, when it was online, was a stellar platform in a tight niche: medical equipment sales.

Unfortunately, the site (as of 2018) is offline. According to, the affiliate program was going through a rework prior to its outage, too. Sorry affiliates, it looks like you’ll need to seek a program elsewhere.

We have many medical equipment programs in our directory – be sure to check them out as your alternative source!