Medical Supply Depot

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Program Details

Base Commission 5% - 7%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, PayPal, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Medical Supply Depot Affiliate Program: Overview

Medical Supply Depot is one of the largest online retailers for medical supplies. On the site, customers can find categories including furniture, diagnostics, wheelchairs, skin care, and more. Though clunky, this site is consistently one of the first results when searching for medical supplies.

The Medical Supply Depot affiliate program is free to join and gives partners access to thousands of products to list on their health and wellness niche. Average orders are $125+. This program is one of the most rewarding in the health and wellness space for targeted medical supply campaigns.

Commissions with the Medical Supply program is paid in tiers. Those affiliates generating $1-2500 in sales earn 5% commissions, $2501-7499 receives 6%, and 7% for sales of 7500 or more.

The Medical Supply Depot affiliate program provides real-time reporting and resources through the Rakuten LinkShare and ShareASale platform.

The Medical Supply Depot Program: Pros and Cons

Medical Supply Depot is a consistent, represented brand in SERPs for medical supplies. Their legacy and extensive product catalog cover all major items and resources in this niche. Their affiliate program is one of the best in the industry with ample payouts and flexible terms.

What makes the Medical Supply Depot program a great opportunity? What are some setbacks?


  • Tiered affiliate commissions with high average orders
  • Commission paid for 45 return days
  • Extensive affiliate support and resources


  • Slightly outdated and clunky website
  • Many products now offered through higher paying programs

Medical Supply Depot: Our Verdict

We think the Medical Supply Depot affiliate program is a stellar inclusion for all those affiliates in the medical supply, health, wellness, and senior niche. The thousands of products, high average order, and tiered commission structure creates an incredible opportunity when monetizing blogs and campaigns.

The Medical Supply Depot offers and promotions are highly targeted and niche. These products are a premium but essential for the late-stage living or for those with disabilities. Meaning, they’re a promotion based on needs vs wants – creating an easier sales funnel and commission opportunity.

In all, Medical Supply Depot will likely be your primary affiliate program when offering products related to mobility, bathroom safety, and personal care.