Medical Department Store

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Program Details

Base Commission 5%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Medical Department Store Affiliate Program: Overview

Medical Department Store is an online and physical retailer providing hundreds of medical equipment and supplies at steep discounts with stellar service. The brand and platform offer equipment across all categories found in the medical and health market from bath and shower supplies to lift chairs, powered mobility, urological products, and more.

The Medical Department Store brand also offers its visitors a wealth of health information and guides, frequent deals, and a customer reward program to help save on the high costs of medical supplies.

The Medical Department Store affiliate program pays its partners 5% commissions on all sales generated through their online store. This program includes a suite of tools to track referral performance and gain access to creative banners, text links, and additional support.

The Medical Department Store Program: Pros and Cons

Partnering with the Medical Department affiliate store would cover all areas of the medical equipment niche. Their massive catalog of products and price margins create a high-income opportunity for its partners while keeping costs down for its clients.


  • Enter the medical supplies industry through a top industry leader
  • 20% repeat customer rates to over 50,000 items


  • A somewhat low 5% commission rate
  • Clunky website and shopping experience

Medical Department Store Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Despite the outdated and clunky design of the site, the Medical Department Store offers and promotions are a sure-fire hit for those affiliates in the medical equipment and supplies niche.

There aren’t many competitors in this market offering an affiliate program. Luckily, the Medical Department Store program is backed with stellar customer service and a high retention rate meaning your partnership has the potential to earn thousands due to the premium pricing of many items.