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Program Details

Base Commission 4-6% Hotel Bookings, 3% Vacation Packages
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Variable
Accepted Countries U.S., U.K., and Germany (Others Upon Approval)

Marriott Affiliate Program: Overview

Marriott is a worldwide hotel chain providing affordable lodging with unbeatable experiences.

Marriott operates through a dozen+ properties including the Ritz-Carlton to your typical Courtyard Marriott’s. The Marriott Rewards program is generous keeping travelers coming back time and time again.

The Marriott website includes a robust search engine, listings, and packages — for meetings, weddings, and your typical travel. Marriott users can use the site to find hotel & flight packages, timeshare offers, and resorts. Or, all-inclusive vacations, and other, great deals.

The Marriot affiliate program creates two opportunities to earn:

  • Hotel stays at over 3,900 locations worldwide
  • Vacation packages sold on

Commissions for hotel stays begin at 4-6% and vacation packages pay 3%. The program uses a 7-day cookie referral period.

The Marriott program includes a revolving product catalog allowing deep linking to any city or hotel. New offers are added frequently to help improve referrals and community satisfaction. Need to stay on top of the program? Marriott also has a regular newsletter and dedicated management team.

The Marriott partner program is currently available to the U.S., U.K., and Germany, though open to other countries upon approval.

The Marriott Program: Pros and Cons

Marriott is a worldwide brand you can’t avoid in the travel niche.

Their 3900+ locations and rewards program have turned this brand into an industry goliath – putting other brands, like Hilton, on the edge.

What are the pros of the Marriott affiliate program? What are the cons?


  • Regular promotions, offers, and ample support
  • Built-in rewards programs creating repeat customers
  • High-end vacation packages creating big earnings potential


  • Very short 7-day affiliate cookie
  • Limited availability to affiliates outside the main, three regions
  • Similar offers are available through other, flexible affiliate programs

Marriott Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the Marriott offers and promotions have a good deal of potential though don’t necessarily pay the best. Similar payouts are available through other travel booking sites with greater options. However, branding does help when adding partner links on your travel site.

Marriott is known around the world – it’s a standard for everyday and business travel – making it an essential brand to add to your mix of travel promotions. Those in the U.S., U.K., and Germany should, no doubt, join the Marriott affiliate program.

In all, if you want a brand your travel community can trust… look no further than Marriott. You get a bit of everything with this program.