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Program Details

Base Commission Variable CPA
Payment Frequency Bi-Weekly
Payment Type Check, Bank Wire, Skrill, Payoneer
Accepted Countries Global

MarketHealth Affiliate Program: Overview

The MarketHealth affiliate network is a global health and wellness brand operating through 100 health supplements, across 200 offers, for every category in the industry. Here, partners will find the central hub of the MarketHealth affiliate program creating access to items including health and beauty stores, teeth whitening products, skin care, sunless tanning, sleep aids, and more.

The MarketHealth affiliate program is a must for those providing mainstream alternatives to wildly popular health products. Though, that’s not to say the MarketHealth brand isn’t popular on its own.

The program offers one of the highest payouts in the industry.

The in-house affiliate platform features exclusive offers to 200 products across 100 countries. In the system, you’ll find advanced tracking, global offers, free resources (banners, creative, and more), and custom offers to improve conversions and partner experience.

MarketHealth affiliate program commissions go up to 60% revenue share for high performers. Or, $60 CPA payments for the same group. Payments are processed at the beginning of the month through check, bank wire, Skrill, or prepaid cards through Payoneer.

The MarketHealth Program: Pros and Cons

What are the good parts of the MarketHealth program? What are some of its setbacks?


  • 200 product offers across 100 countries
  • Upgrade to super affiliate status with 20 or more sales per day
  • Globally recognized health and wellness brand leader


  • Most offers are through global websites (difficulty with targeted audiences)

MarketHealth Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the MarketHealth program is a great match for those in the holistic side of health and wellness. The MarketHealth line of products and offers cover just about every ailment and lifestyle improving supplement – the choice you have is immense.

The MarketHealth offers and promotions are managed through the HasOffers platform. This takes the program in-house allowing higher payouts to affiliates and regular creative/copy updates.

In all, the MarketHealth program can merge and monetize any health and wellness blog. It can have the effect of dividing the community (herbal remedies vs prescriptions). But, it’s all about the options and opportunities, this program has plenty.