Mansion Affiliates

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Program Details

Base Commission Up To $500 CPA (Traffic) and 70% Revenue Share
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Restricted)

Mansion Affiliates Affiliate Program: Overview

Mansion Affiliates is behind two of the largest online casinos: and MansionCasino. Mansion Affiliates has over 12 years in the online casino market continually innovating their platforms and programs. Their flagship brand,, uses a slick and stylish interface attracting thousands of daily players across games of all categories.

Earning with the Mansion Affiliates affiliate program begins in three, simple steps.

The program is free to sign up and new users will see instant registration. Upon sign up, affiliates will find a huge list of partner creatives, tools, and resources. Joining the Mansion Affiliates program introduces flexible payment options and opportunities.

There are three avenues for commissions: Up to $500 CPA for traffic, 70% revenue share from net gaming revenue, or tailored commission for high-performers. Payments are prompt and on-time.

The Mansion Affiliates Program: Pros and Cons

Mansion Affiliates and its flagship platforms,, Slots Heaven, and Mansion Casino, has made it a globally recognized brand. Their continual efforts to innovate, offer mobile-friendly products, and stand-alone apps, has created a high player value and global opportunities for partners.


  • Get to promote the massively popular
  • High CPA, revenue share, and tailored commissions


  • Instant registration dilutes the affiliate pool quality
  • Not available in on regions

Mansion Affiliates Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the Mansion Affiliates offers and promotions are one of many casino programs you’ll want to add to your growing list of partnerships. The revenue share and high CPA commission payouts are some of the highest in the industry – quite an attractive value proposition for partners!

There are several other, major casino brands with a greater selection of online gambling platforms. But, the Mansion Affiliates program has a trick up its sleeve: So, why not promote the website and platform with the name in the domain?

In all, we think you’ll enjoy your efforts with Mansion Affiliates. The program has many, great features and one of the highest payouts in the industry. It’s certainly one brand you’ll want on your gambling site.