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Program Details

Base Commission 15%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Wire, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

Lovense Affiliate Program: Overview

Lovense is an adult brand offering its users Bluetooth/app connected vibrators for a long-distance relationship and play. The Nora, hers, and Max, his, toys sync in nearly real time with advanced sensors to feel partner’s action anywhere in the world. The toys use a secure video chat & audio functions with abilities to connect to third-party apps and services.

Partners to the Lovense affiliate program will earn 15% commissions on all sales.

Upon sign up, partners will receive immediate access to the affiliate platform where they can grab their referral link, creative, and tools to help drive traffic. The program includes plenty of marketing materials to get campaigns up and running with very little time commitment.

The Lovense Program: Pros and Cons

The Lovense brand offers over a dozen, unique adult toys. Their embedded tech and connectivity create novelty in replicating sexual activity with partners no matter their location. It’s not about just the simulation, though, but bringing lovers together when they’re far apart – military couples love it!


  • A wildly unique, niche product in the adult toy biz
  • Premium product pricing to earn hefty commissions


  • Connections are through Lovesense servers (secure… but still)
  • Product catalog lacks extra items usable for upsells and cross promotions

Lovense Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The novelty of the Lovense toys will surely draw interest from your community. The toys mimic physical sensation – bringing long-distance relationships together. The Lovense offers and promotions have a unique opportunity for those in the adult or dating niche. Its unique blend of pleasure and technology should gain good traction with your audience.

The 15% commissions on typical $200 products would earn $30+! This is one of those “haha, that’s funny” but secretly “that’s genius!” type products. Your community will see its value once they’re aware these products are out there!