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Program Details

Base Commission 8% - 15%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, ACH (U.S.), Check, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

L’Oreal Affiliate Program: Overview

L’Oreal is a world-renowned beauty brand offering product lines for both men and women. Their reach extends across makeup, skin care, hair coloring, hair care, hair styling, and a magazine. They’re present in almost every major retailer solidifying their placement in their industry.

L’Oreal operates through dozens of brands including Lineur Intense, Voluminous, Couleur Experte, Elvive, Age Perfect, Youth Code, and more. It’s quite unlikely you’ll someone never having used an L’Oreal product if they’re the least bit interested in makeup and beauty.

The L’Oreal affiliate program operates under the Giorgio Armani program. This is also known as the L’Oreal USA affiliate program. Otherwise, products are typically found through individual retailer programs.

Commissions for L’Oreal offers range from 8-15% on all goods sold through their online stores. All countries are accepted into the program. You will find similar commission rates in its alternative program, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

The L’Oreal Program: Pros and Cons

The L’Oreal program grants access to hundreds of products across all major segments of the beauty niche. Joining this program instantly creates an endless stream of affiliate opportunities. What’s good about L’Oreal offers? What about the bad? Let’s look.


  • Market leader in the beauty and makeup niche
  • High-conversion rate and price points for all customer types
  • Mid-level to industry-standard commission rates


  • Some products are a hit or miss for many customers
  • Quantity sometimes stumps quality due to mass production
  • Products sold through retailers with often better commission structures

L’Oreal Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

L’Oreal offers and promotions get a thumbs up on our end simply because they’re the defacto brand in the beauty and makeup industry. You can’t promote these types of items without running across a slew of L’Oreal products – so why resist?

The L’Oreal affiliate program covers all the basics to monetize your online presence. It doesn’t offer anything mind-blowing but what more do you really need when you’re already promoting one of the biggest names in the biz?

Overall, there’s no dodging this one. Every affiliate in the beauty and makeup space should join the L’Oreal program simply out of covering your options. It sets a great baseline for all, other programs you’ll likely include in your campaigns.