Liquid Web

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Program Details

Base Commission Up To $1500+
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, EFT
Accepted Countries Global (Some Restrictions)

Liquid Web Affiliate Program: Overview

What makes the Liquid Web affiliate program unique?

For starters, Liquid Web delivers some of the best web hosting services in its industry.

They’re trusted by brands including Motorola, FedEx, Bic, and many others.

Liquid Web isn’t probably the brand you’d promote to newcomers wanting to build a small blog – their pricing is on the premium side – though this will greatly depend on your audience’s commitment.

The Liquid Web product line includes hosting via:

  • Managed WordPress
  • Managed WooCommerce
  • Dedicated/Dedicated Cloud
  • Cloud VPS/Private Cloud

Plus, custom solutions.

Their primary audience includes freelancers, resellers, business owners, app hosting, enterprise, and those seeking HIPAA/PCI compliance.

Pricing, for Managed WordPress hosting as our example, runs $99/mo for up to 10 sites. As you can see, this puts them far above competitive pricing.

But, Liquid Web services are worth their while with full-service management, 100% uptime, 30-minute help desk and hardware swaps, and some of the best server hardware we’ve seen.

About the Liquid Web Affiliate Program

The Liquid Web affiliate program is where things truly shine with its incredible $1500 earnings potential each sale!

The program, offered through CJ and Impact Radius, comes with their high-quality service standard featuring extensive affiliate management and support.

Here’s a peek at the Liquid Web affiliate commission model:

  • Cloud Site Products: $150 – $300
  • Dedicated Servers: $161 – $1586

Their core audience, being business and enterprise, can lead to serious commissions making this partner program incredibly lucrative for the right affiliate.

Plus, a 90-day cookie window gives prospects plenty of time to decide if Liquid Web is their ideal choice.

As you can expect, the Liquid Web program features a full-set of creatives, copy, and tracking tools for optimal performance.

The program features tracking for business associate and client referrals, too.

Liquid Web Partner Program Pros and Cons

We know what you’re thinking “Almost $100 a month for hosting?!”.

Liquid Web certainly has higher pricing compared to others offering monthly services around $10.

But, we’re talking about a different class of web hosting with Liquid Web.

Their services and products are for the serious businesses – these types are more than willing to spend on quality services.

Is the Liquid Web program right for you? Where does it lack? Let’s look:

Liquid Web Affiliate Pros

  • Some of the biggest affiliate earnings potential in the web hosting industry
  • Fantastic 90-day cookie window with strong sales funnel and support
  • Multiple referral channels and top-notch creative & management

Liquid Web Affiliate Cons

  • Pricing is way higher than most competitors
  • Fewer customers and managed sites under management
  • The referral program is likely better considering their audience

Honestly, the cons are nothing when stacked against the powerful servers and services.

One conversion would take a dozen from competing programs.

Should You Join the Liquid Web Affiliate Program? Our Verdict and Review

Looking through their services, tech specs, and affiliate program tells us there’s something great.


This program isn’t for everyone.

Those picking up a few web hosting affiliate sales here and there through a “how to start…” guide will have a hard justification with their almost $100/mo basic hosting packages.

This program is best for those affiliates with committed audiences with financial backing.

It wouldn’t hurt to include their affiliate promotions on your site, though.

Their massive $1500+ affiliate commissions had us doing a double-take.

Plus, their program has solid support and resources to boot. So, if you have a professional audience then yes… start promoting.

In all, the Liquid Web affiliate program isn’t for everyone, but it’ll make those it fits some of the best earnings in the web hosting affiliate niche.