Life Extension

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Program Details

Base Commission 8% - 12%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Life Extension Affiliate Program: Overview

Life Extensions is a leading provider of vitamins and supplements with over 35 years of operation. The online store has several attractive offers from its branded catalog of products to a magazine, extensive guides, a rewards program, and more.

The Life Extension product brand provides 10+ categories ranging from heart health, longevity, bone health, and join support, to minerals, mood & stress management, and inflammation management vitamins and supplements. Their premium but fair pricing and a long-standing position in the industry has made them a worldwide player as a leading health & wellness provider.

The Life Extension affiliate program pays 8-12% commissions within a 120-day cookie window.

The average order value of a Life Extension buyer is over $170.00 USD – the site boasts a 3.4% conversation rate… making this a lucrative opportunity for those able to drive traffic and sales.

The Life Extension program is handled through the CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) platform where partners can find tons of creative assets, support, and robust tracking features. Life Extension currently ranks as $44.00 per 100 clicks according to CJ’s EPC ratings.

The Life Extension Program: Pros and Cons

You’ve probably seen the Life Extension brand on late night infomercials. Or, perhaps you caught wind of them through an online search. This health & wellness brand has continually delivered quality products for over three decades making it a household name for their customer types.

As a partner to the Life Extension affiliate program, you can earn big commissions paired with their premium pricing and a large catalog of well-reviewed products.


  • High average order and EPC
  • Industry rates, performance, and incentives


  • Quantity size of products creates long gaps between purchases

Life Extension Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Life Extensions program is industry-standard – it doesn’t have wildly high commissions rates, but it does pick up its pace thanks to its brand awareness, average order costs, and partner incentives.

The Life Extensions offers and promotions are your usual health supplement offers found through other leading online stores and providers. Yet, they’ve prospered with over 35 years of success due to their high-quality products and great customer service – it makes sense to add this brand to your line of vitamins & supplements promotions.