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Program Details

Base Commission 200% (First Month Sub)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

LemonStand Affiliate Program: Overview

LemonStand is a highly-customizable ecommerce platform built on the cloud. The platform provides robust editing features to customize the complete user experience from its front-end to the checkout process. The LemonStand platform includes integration with 100+ powerful third-party solutions, CMS & blog, and additional support through hosting, templates, and more. LemonStand is a leading choice for individuals and agencies wanting to provide a flexible online store without the high costs.

The LemonStand affiliate program pays 200% commissions on the first month’s subscription price.

Upon joining the LemonStand program, you’ll find notable tools and resources for jump-starting your promotional efforts. This includes an ample set of affiliate links, banners, custom resources, live monitoring, and support.

The LemonStand Program: Pros and Cons

The LemonStand program is offered and managed through LeadDyno. The services range from $19/mo to $199/mo and each plan includes every feature (tiers limit support and order amounts). Their platform fills a niche in the ecommerce space by providing ultimate flexibility with easy-to-use design features – a combination that’s less overwhelming than many, other competitors.


  • 200% one-time commission
  • Simple (but robust) online shopping platform
  • 100+ integrations with popular services


  • Notice: one-time commission
  • $150 minimum threshold to cash out
  • Payouts are done only through PayPal

LemonStand Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We like LemonStand because it’s smaller and compact while offering a full suite of tools, resources, and features. The name doesn’t get thrown around as much but they’re certainly on track for greatness. A partnership to the program, listing its offers and promotions, would fit perfect for those in your audience wanting something easy-to-use and flexible without being overwhelming.

On the affiliate side, we’re getting mixed messages – LeadDyno says 200% one-time commissions through their official page says 15%. Either way, this could lead to $40 base commissions if LeadDyno’s numbers are what they’re using – not the best (especially it being a one-time thing) but still a good opportunity when filling out comparison shopping for these platforms.

In all, we think LemonStand has a strong platform and growing brand to get behind. Sign up is quick and easy so there’s no reason why you’d pass on this money-making opportunity.