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Program Details

Base Commission 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, Check
Accepted Countries Global

KontrolFreek Affiliate Program: Overview

The KontrolFreek affiliate program an awesome way to make money promoting controller mods and accessories. This is an amazing pairing for gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Controllers, after all, are an essential component of enjoying the game!

The KontrolFreek Partnership Program Details:

  • 10% Commissions
  • Minimum 15,000 followers
  • Regular activity

The program is ideal for YouTube and Twitch streamers. But, also relevant to pro players, team managers, owners, and event organizers. Enough of an online presence in the gaming niche should put you on their radar, and acceptance.

KontrolFreek likes working with brands having used their products. They’re using Impact.com as its affiliate program platform.

Why Gamers Love KontrolFreek

The KontrolFreek product catalog includes controller skins, grips, performance thumbsticks, and more. It’s an odd-ball niche, that’s for sure. But, the brand is growing rapidly as more gamers learn about these interesting and performance-enhancing items!

KontrolFreek blends science with entertainment with their product catalog. Performance thumbsticks, for example, maximize ergonomics helping gamers improve gaming performance. The unique design of these thumbsticks gives gamers greater control and comfort, grip and maneuvering.

KontrolFreek also offers unique controller skins, apparel, and a budding online community.

The Pros and Cons of a KontrolFreek Partnership

KontrolFreek is highly niche compared to other gaming partnership programs. For starters, you’re looking at the console gaming community. But, then those into modifications and skinning. This is a tight-knit community.

The affiliate program presents a lot of value to its close partnerships. Does it have drawbacks, though?


  • 10% discounts alongside the 10% commission
  • Affordable pricing and high enough to earn decent commissions
  • Unique design with strong branding and longevity


  • 15K follower minimum
  • Doesn’t define the “regular” streaming rules

Should You Seek a Kontrol Freek Sponsorship?

Gamers should take note of the Kontrol Freek sponsorship opportunity. This is highly unique and brings something different to the streams.

KontrolFreek Product Catalog

Every streamer seems to promote game keys, drinks, and betting. A partnership with KontrolFree gives you something physical in your affiliate inventory.

Some Problems:

The 15,000 followers are a little high for someone starting off — many streamers have awesome communities under this threshold. This isn’t a program for complete beginners, obviously. They do seem the type to negotiate if you’re active and show promise.

They’re a little vague about the streaming frequency though it’s likely detailed once you talk with an affiliate manager. Streaming is tough, requiring countless hours. Some people burn out. If this requirement is too high, then it could cause issues.

Our Verdict:

In all, we think KontrolFreek would be an awesome partnership opportunity if you’ve made your mark in the gaming niche. They provide a unique product, at good prices, while offering a fair commission.