Juice Beauty

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Program Details

Base Commission 6%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, Check, Deposit
Accepted Countries U.S.A, Canada

Juice Beauty: An Affiliate’s Overview

Juice Beauty is an organic skincare and makeup brand making waves in the beauty industry. Their collections, including Stem Cellular, Signal Peptides, Green Apple, and Blemish Clearing, combine scientific tech with pure ingredients, delivering one-of-a-kind products.

Juice Beauty’s product line are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

Juice Beauty uses an organic juice base combining stem cells, essential oils, algae, grapeseed, and other natural ingredients.

The brand is open and transparent, drawing to their unique offers. Customers will enjoy a money-back guarantee and auto-replenishment program to ensure they’re looking their best.

About the Juice Beauty Affiliate Program

The Juice Beauty affiliate program creates an opportunistic partnership with a rapidly growing makeup brand. You earn a commission each referral sent to the JuiceBeauty.com site. This program is a great alternative for those promoting organic products in the makeup niche.

The program details:

  • 6% commissions
  • 30-day tracking cookie

Approval guidelines are very open but hold a few requirements. Requirements include an aesthetically pleasing design and not displaying mature/offensive content.

The Juice Beauty Program: Pros and Cons

The Juice Beauty program is available through Rakuten (Linkshare). The JB team has done a wonderful job creating a huge affiliate resource including text links, banners, and widgets. They appear very flexible with their affiliate interaction – catering to performers while still helpful to newcomers.


  • Offers deep linking, coupons, search box, and storefront
  • A unique brand, low order threshold, and premium pricing


  • Only available for the United States and Canada
  • Smaller commission size compared to many other programs

Should You Promote JuiceBeauty.com Affiliate Offers?

We’ve seen our fair share of vegan, cruelty-free makeup and beauty brands. We haven’t seen one quite like Juice Beauty with their use of stem cells and other scientific breakthroughs. Their product catalog has a trove of great looking, great quality products from what we can tell!

The affiliate program has a decent 6% commission. The real value is the premium pricing. Partners promoting its premium products should see healthy commissions. That is if you’re in the two countries it’s available (currently).

Juice Beauty products are available on Amazon making it a potentially better choice promoting them if you’re part of the Associates Program.

Overall, Juice Beauty has a long way to go with getting their name and brand out there. This may create some resistance for affiliates as they’re promoting it against major makeup brands. But, it JB has a unique angle and growing popularity – it’s worth experimenting alongside your beauty product promotions.