Jim Hawk Truck Trailers

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Program Details

Base Commission 5%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

Jim Hawk Truck Trailers Affiliate Program: Overview

Jim Hawk Truck Trailers specializes in the sale of trailers, spotters, parts, service, and rentals of large truck trailers.

They have several featured brands presented on the site including Stoughton, Talbert, Construction Trailer Specialists, and more. Jim Hawk Truck Trailers creates a one-stop-shop for all things long-haul providing exceptional pricing and stellar service.

The Jim Hawk Truck Trailers affiliate program pays 5% commissions on any sales.

The program, offered in-house, gives its partners access to its hundreds of specialized truck & trailer products. There isn’t much to say about the affiliate program because it doesn’t list much. But, you can expect decent returns considering the quality services and premium product pricing.

The Jim Hawk Truck Trailers Program: Pros and Cons

The Jim Hawk Truck Trailers program is about as barebones as you can get. The program is more of a referral service for its members rather than soliciting outside affiliates. Yet, the opportunity is there for anyone wanting to promote something a little different in the Midwest U.S.


  • One of a few brands offering an affiliate program for truck trailers
  • 5% commissions on all sales sold through the site


  • Very limited program tools & resources
  • We’re assuming little support, too

Jim Hawk Truck Trailers Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The offers and (occasional) promotions customers find on the Jim Hawk Truck Trailers website are high quality and enticing. Their long list of services is top-notch – servicing most of the Midwest U.S. Their product catalog? Lucrative.

A 5% commission on the sale of a new trailer has massive earnings potential. The parts, too, aren’t cheap making their promotion equally worth the effort. Overall, you don’t get much from the Jim Hawk Truck Trailers program – but there’s enough to get promotions rolling.