Jackie Beth (The Debt Myth)

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Program Details

Base Commission 30%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

Jackie Beck (The Debt Myth) Affiliate Program: Overview

The Debt Myth, by Jackie Beck, is a blueprint for credit and debt success where visitors can learn how to overcome their financial woes through educational resources and a membership service. The Debt Myth gives its users access to a members-only FB group, live Q&As, online training, and more.

The Debt Myth affiliate program provides 30% commissions to its partners.

Partners of the program earn by referring new users to the site and their eventual conversion to the Pay Off Debt app. The program includes access to creative assets and affiliate resources to get partnerships up and running with little delay.

The Jackie Beck (The Debt Myth) Program: Pros and Cons

The Jackie Beck (The Debt Myth) affiliate program has its usual mix of pros and cons associated with a single product offering. Jackie Beck has created quite a name for herself – mentioned in Oprah Magazine! – and has an incredible success story coming out of $147k+ in debt. Those finding her site and advice are often instantly hooked into what it offers.


  • Strong, news-worthy brand and advice used by thousands
  • High 30% payouts for a valuable, debt-centric app


  • One-time referral fee on a recurring subscription service
  • Small, 7-day tracking cookie

Jackie Beck (The Debt Myth) Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Debt Myth offers and promotions will have a resonating impact on followers in the debt niche. The program pays well for first-time sign-ups for its valuable debt advice and elimination app. Though, it’d be nice if the 30% were recurring commissions since the app service is membership-based.

In all, single product selections for partners can have a strong sales point. It provides a simple, one-way path to overcoming debt making it easy to sell for those already stressed about time and money. The Debt Myth affiliate program is certainly one you’ll enjoy promoting so head on over and get signed up.