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Program Details

Base Commission $20 - $50
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

Investfly Affiliate Program: Overview

Investfly is a social trading platform where users gain access to an automated trading platform. The Investfly platform is built to leverage algorithmic trading without the need to hand-code programs.

The Investfly platform also touts a virtual stock market to test and perfect trades before pushing them live. The platform collects and reports detailed stats through its desktop and online interface. Users can follow and track other investors through its social profiles to better understand trades, find opportunities, and learn as they go.

The Investfly affiliate program pays $20 – $50 for Premium or Elite users to the platform. Payments are sent each month if the account balance is $100 or more.

The Investfly program has relaxed terms allowing affiliates to promote the platform openly on social networks and direct referrals. Referral links are built into user accounts.

The Investfly Program: Pros and Cons

Investfly is a neat platform because it adds a social layer to the trading and investment experience. You wouldn’t think this a selling point, but it almost feels missing once you go back to other platforms. The ability to copy portfolios is certainly a strong value proposition, too.


  • Commissions increase with client subscription levels
  • Simple affiliate tracking and reporting without getting too overwhelming


  • Anyone with an account is an affiliate meaning lots of competition
  • Users need to link to broker accounts for live trading (some may choose not to)

Investfly Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Investfly is an interesting service and platform sure to attract. The prospect of learning and leveraging other people’s portfolios presents a new avenue for investments. It adds a bit of fun to investing without the high risks.

The Investfly affiliate program pays handsomely and is well supported. This could fill the gap in your audience with those comfortable in savings but haven’t yet taken on major investments. Higher-end investors likely already have their preferred trading platform, but you could convince a few.

In all, we think the Investfly offers and promotions finds a good balance in value and payout. The social aspect of the platform will likely keep users engaged and passionate. No doubt, Investfly will add a wildcard to your financial promotions – something just different enough to cause serious interest.