Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG)

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Program Details

Base Commission 3%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check ($100 min), Direct Deposit ($50 min)
Accepted Countries Global

International Hotel Group Affiliate Program Overview

The International Hotel Group (IHG) offers hotel booking services across 11 major brands, 5100+ hotels, in almost 100 countries, with over 765k available rooms. If you would like to earn money by referring hotel bookings from your website or other communication channels to IHG brand websites then you are a great candidate for PartnerConnect.

PartnerConnect (aka the International Hotel Group affiliate program) is a program that allows you to place customized links to IHG brands and hotels on your website or via email to your contacts. Base commissions start at 3% for qualified bookings with monthly payments once thresholds of $100 (check) or $50 (deposit) are reached.

By sharing customized links on your website, visitors can book hotels through that link. If an IHG hotel is reserved because of a visitor linking directly to our website from yours, IHG will pay you a percentage of the total room revenue when the visitor completes their hotel stay. However, the program uses a “look back” system where the last link click gains the commission.

The International Hotel Group affiliate program is available through most countries outside of the U.S. PartnerConnect is present in major affiliate networks like Commission Junction, ValueCommerce, and ChaNet making it easier than ever to begin promoting without the need to sign up to another platform.

IHG Program: The Pros and Cons

International Hotel Group operates across nearly a dozen brands. They’re represented in most countries, have great pricing, and an easy-to-use booking service. Customer service is top-notch. But, is the IHG affiliate program a good match for you and your visitors?


  • The program includes pay per call tracking and robust API’s
  • Multi-language creative and copy support for both ends
  • Regular offers and promotions to increase affiliate earnings


  • 14-day cooking but commissions are easily negated from last click policy
  • Lower-priced hotels resulting in smaller affiliate commissions
  • Fewer places than some of the other, major hotel brands

IHG Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

International Hotel Group is an amazing fit for the travel and business affiliate seeking a middle-ground with their offers and promotions. Holiday Inn, a major holding of IHG, is a staple for many travelers because of pricing and availability. This becomes an easy fit no matter if customers are your Average Joe’s or major business game-changers.

The program does have its share of frustrations with fewer global options and affiliate tracking cooking easily sniped by other promotions. Yet, the tech empowering the program, PartnerConnect, is one of the best in its industry. The pay by call feature creates a great affiliate opportunity when converting those hesitant to book online.

In all, the IHG affiliate program is the perfect match for your general travel or business sites. People know what to expect when they stay at one of the owned properties. The price points are right, the service is great, and availability is open. You’ll love making money with IHG offers and promotions.