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Program Details

Base Commission 5% (Sales), 10% (House Brand Sales)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Rewards, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

iHerb Affiliate Program: Overview

iHerb is a vitamin & supplement brand featuring thousands of products across dozens of health & nutrition categories. iHerb carries a variety of niche and well-known supplement brands including Method, Natrol, Now Foods, and others. Their catalog has something for everyone: sports, bath & beauty, sports, grocery, home, and pets!

iHerb runs frequent promotions with deep discounts and deals – plus, a rewards program and trial products to get users in the system, feeling healthy, and coming back for more.

The iHerb affiliate program generates 5% credit for new and current customers. This credit goes up to 10% for house brands.

Partners can spend credits on the iHerb site or cash out once they’ve reached a $300 threshold. Average orders are $40 or more meaning base 2 credit/dollars per sale.

The iHerb Program: Pros and Cons

iHerb is your general-type of health & wellness provider with all the hallmarks you’d find with a company promoting vitamins & supplements. But, iHerb goes one further to stand-out from its competition through steeper discounts, specialty stores catering to lifestyle choices, and a strong, community & charity participation.

As an affiliate to the iHerb program, you gain access to 30,000+ natural products covering every type of category you could imagine – add in a great rewards program and your referrals will lock in for repeat business and subsequent commissions.


  • Introductory offers and incentives to entice first-time sales
  • Easy affiliate link integration through page sharing features


  • Comparable to other brands you’ve probably partnered with already
  • Uses the “last click” style of referral which could get sniped
  • Pays via credits with a high, accumulated threshold

iHerb Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The iHerb offer and promotions are its strong suit because they’re frequent, give big discounts, and tie-in with their rewards system.

The 30k+ product catalog, first-time order incentive, and the easy-to-use site make iHerb a decent choice when promoting vitamins & supplement products.

The only, real downside is its high threshold and long wait time (180-days) before credits fully process. If it weren’t for those two – we’d say this could be your go-to source in the industry. But, perhaps set this as a secondary option to fill the gaps left by competitors.