Hips and Curves

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Program Details

Base Commission 8%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

Hips and Curves Affiliate Program: Overview

Move aside models and twiggy-types, Hips and Curves has claimed itself in the fashion industry! Hips and Curves cater to plus-sized women – one of the fastest growing markets in the West. The online store offers a full range of lingerie and apparel including bodysuits, corsets, bralettes, panties, and more.

The Hips and Curves affiliate program offers something unique: an entry into the neglected plus-sized market. A market mostly comprised of a few brands with limited selections. This, alone, creates a sexy opportunity to earn high affiliate commissions promoting these niche items.

The Hips and Curves program lets affiliates earn 8% commissions on each sale. The program is offered through the Sahreasale.com platform giving affiliates an incredible selection of tools and resources for banners, text links, deep linking, and reporting.

Exclusive contests, promotions, and stellar customer service have turned Hips and Curves into a well-known brand among the plus-sized community. Their offering of exotic leather, thigh highs, garter belts, long gowns, and naughty lingerie are priced right without sacrificing design.

As a Hips and Curves affiliate, you can expect ample attraction to your promotions especially within the community unaware these options exist. Lingerie is a regular purchase – why not become an affiliate to one of the best, niche shops found online?

The Hips and Curves Program: Pros and Cons

Does Hips and Curves provide anything outside of their smart decision to target the plus-sized community? Do they remain viable as the general populace continues to grow in girth, requiring bigger apparel as a whole? Consider…


  • Market edge on a neglected market (strong branding)
  • Mid to high priced items few are likely to return
  • Fun market with interesting potential for fashion/lifestyle affiliates


  • Limited selection of goods with competition hot in pursuit
  • The eventual shift mirroring society’s weight (new competitors)
  • Infrequent shopping patterns for the lingerie market

Hips and Curves Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think Hips and Curves does a great job at carving out their niche by offering fashionable lingerie and apparel to the plus-sized community. This market is growing each year, creating a new set of potential customers with an already strong brand.

The selection of clothing isn’t as extensive as mainstream retailers but there’s plenty to go around. 8% commissions are generally high for the clothing niche. The general fun aspect of the industry will create exciting opportunities as an affiliate within this space.

Overall, Hips and Curves offers and promotions find the right balance between niche product and necessary purchase. The Hips and Curves affiliate program is a great match for those with plus-sized community members. We think you’ll fit right in with these sexy promotions.