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Program Details

Base Commission Up To 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

Groupon Affiliate Program: Overview

Groupon is a popular, worldwide local and daily deals website. The site offers thousands of discounted deals for local services, goods, getaways, coupons, and more. Groupon is active in 15 countries, within 500+ markets, having worked with more than 1 million merchants to date.

More than 48.3 million global active customers have used the Groupon platform making it a top 5 eCommerce brand in the U.S. To date, Groupon has saved customers more than $20 billion in North America alone giving reason to the 78% likelihood customers will refer the program to others.

The Groupon affiliate program (aka. Partner Program) pays 10% commissions on all purchases.

The Groupon program includes advanced tracking, over 105 million mobile app users, more than 425,000 active deals, and an extensive creative library. Sign up is free and approvals are almost instant. Once on board, an affiliate could promote the site or specific deals making this a truly valuable asset to add to any blog, website, or marketing campaign.

The Groupon Program: Pros and Cons

The Groupon affiliate program pays a decent 10% commission on high-converting, local offers. Some promotions will hit or miss but Groupon partners generally find success. Why? The massive user base certainly helps along with steep discounts for fun things to do!


  • Massive catalog of deals for all major locations around the world
  • Frequent promotions and marketing efforts on behalf of Groupon


  • Steep, discounted deals create lower commission payouts vs full-priced promotions
  • It’s very likely your audience has a Groupon account, already, and grabbed what they wanted

Groupon Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Groupon offers and promotions are plentiful and create an endless stream of opportunity. An affiliate could realistically include the Groupon program on any site. Would you want to? Probably not for certain niches – but it does create interesting opportunities, no doubt.

In all, we think the Groupon affiliate program has good potential to turn into a regular money-maker because it’s the leading brand in local deals and flash sale offers. Get behind this well-known brand, find great deals for your community, and you might just land a couple commissions easy-peasy.