Golden Financial Services

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Program Details

Base Commission $29.99 (Lead), $101 (PPS), 10% Rev-Share
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Check, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries U.S.

Golden Financial Services Affiliate Program: Overview

Golden Financial Services is an accredited debt relief company offering quick results to eliminate client debts within 24-36 months on average. The debt relief service screens potential clients through a free consultation and helps them understand options based on personal needs.

Golden Financial Services is consistently rated #1 in its industry due to its easy-to-use process, tailored programs, and guarantee for credit restoration and debt relief solutions.

The Golden Financial Services affiliate program helps affiliates earn top dollar referring clients to the company and service. Affiliates expect to receive $29.99 commissions for each qualified lead.

Their new pay per sale program generates $101 in commissions.

These sales are processed through the Web or over the phone.

Affiliates also earn 10% of referral’s commissions each month, too.

The Golden Financial Services Program: Pros and Cons

Golden Financial Services is one of many debt relief companies operating in the financial space. Their service and customer support consistently make them an ideal option for those in debt.

What makes the Golden Financial Services affiliate program a win? What do you lose by joining?


  • Extensive selection of client services and promotions
  • Commissions earned through pay by call funnel
  • Get to work with one of the major service providers


  • Qualified leads are those with $10k+ with unsecured debt
  • Base $29.99 commissions are lower than many competitors
  • Referral’s commissions are also lower than other programs

Golden Financial Services Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Golden Financial Services is a premier provider of debt relief services your audience has likely encountered if they’re serious about taking control of their finances. This creates an obvious promotion since brand awareness was previously established.

The Golden Financial Services affiliate program doesn’t have the higher commission rate among its competitors. But, it does have stellar brand recognition and quality reviews. This could lead to easier sales when promoting Golden Financial offers and promotions.

In all, we think GFS is a likely candidate you’ll want to explore when monetizing your financial and/or debt-focused blog or website. Explore the program, see if it’s a good fit, and join today.