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Program Details

Base Commission 20% (Lifetime)
Payment Frequency Monthly ($100 min)
Payment Type Wire, PayPal, or Reinvest (Gold/Silver)
Accepted Countries Global

GoldBroker Affiliate Program: Overview

GoldBroker is a leading gold and silver broker and direct storage provider. Users create an account, verify documents, transfer funds, and begin fulfilling orders based on an investment roadmap. The platform tracks real-time prices for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

GoldBroker’s storage solution offers no intermediation meaning storage is in the client’s name. Pickup and delivery are arranged through secured transportation. The site offers a marketplace to find and purchase bullions of all types.

The GoldBroker affiliate program offers one of the best opportunity in its market.

Partners use the simple registration form to easily set up an account. Upon approval, affiliates will find marketing tools containing links and banners in their account.

What’s to gain as a GoldBroker affiliate? How about 20% commissions, a 1-year cookie, and lifetime revenue share for each referral! Payments are done through PayPal or wire transfer each month.

The GoldBroker Program: Pros and Cons

The GoldBroker program has generous commissions enough to interest any affiliate in the financial space. The service provided by GoldBroker appeals to new and old investors; the rising price of gold and silver will probably always attract interested parties for its security and value.

What’s the good about the GoldBroker affiliate program? What’s less so?


  • Lifetime revenue share for each referral
  • Rising price of metals equals higher commissions


  • A limited set of premade marketing tools
  • SEM promotional tactics with AdWords and Facebook prohibited

GoldBroker Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

GoldBroker provides a timeless investment opportunity in gold, silver, and other precious metals. Gold and precious metals are seen as a good investment to diversify or hedge market disruptions. This creates a sustained market especially for storage and transfers (something GoldBroker does!).

We think the GoldBroker offers and promotions are a yes for those in finances and investments. The recurring, 20% commissions on the lifetime of the client could create incredible earnings. Just a few, good referrals and your affiliate income would skyrocket.

In all, GoldBroker could improve on the affiliate backend. But, it’s hard to say no to such big money-making opportunities one has by joining the program. Gold and precious metals create a good alternative (and promotion) when talking savings and investments. GoldBroker would make a good fit to give your audience options and opportunities.