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Program Details

Base Commission Up to 30%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global (Some Restrictions)

GoDaddy Affiliate Program: Overview

The GoDaddy affiliate program is a wonderful bonus underlying the domain name registrar. Despite its media fumbles, GoDaddy is a widely used domain name provider for millions of customers every year.

Buying a domain name on GoDaddy is streamlined and simplified with its basic input and auto-suggestions for various TLD’s. Customers can also bid on owned domains using their service. Or, take to the auction market to snag domains they truly want for online projects and businesses.

The GoDaddy checkout process comes packed with multiple offers and up-sells. This includes up-sells for email services, privacy, and marketing bonuses. An affiliate to GoDaddy can earn anytime someone buys these additional, high-converting services.

About the GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy is one of the best domain name affiliate programs due to branding. They’re one of the only companies actively promoting their brand through major channels – like the Super Bowl. This lets partners promote a brand instantly recognized for domain names.

The GoDaddy affiliate program commission structure is as follows:

  • Average 10% commission structure
  • Up to 30% for top performing affiliates

Partnering as a GoDaddy affiliate includes a wide access to creative banners and widgets. Partners will also enjoy access to an in-house affiliate team posed to improve your affiliate potential via helpful resources, guides, and suggestions.

GoDaddy also includes hosting packages increasing your earnings potential as customers find their all-in-one solution a great gateway to launching their online projects.

This high paying domain name affiliate program is one of several you’ll want to add to your affiliate marketing assets. The site and sales funnel are about as easy as it gets making your conversion process simplified and lucrative. Plus, it’s backed through the Commission Junction ( platform adding necessary tracking & reporting to improve your domain affiliate earnings.

The GoDaddy Affiliate Pros and Cons

GoDaddy rakes in millions each year through domain name sales and other up-sold services. But, they have also created a grey image through their exploits throughout the years. Despite the news, most people launching online will have likely heard about GoDaddy.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive a good mix of tools & resources to improve your earnings. Their platform, through Commission Junction and other networks, is standard fare you’ve come to expect from top brands in the market.

GoDaddy Affiliate Pros

  • Strong brand name recognition
  • 10% – 30% commissions and some revenue share
  • Several up-sells, coupons, and great affiliate support

GoDaddy Affiliate Cons

  • Not available in every country
  • Mix-and-match customer service
  • News-worthy setbacks and blunders

Overall, the GoDaddy affiliate program creates a lucrative money-making opportunity through its combination of up-front payouts and recurring revenue. The platform hosts nearly 400 products making this an all-inclusive platform worth promoting to would-be site owners.

GoDaddy Affiliate Partnership Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict and Final Review

Having spent some time promoting GoDaddy throughout the years, we can say this program provides great exposure to promoting domain names and other Web services. Their strong brand recognition and history make them an easy promotion considering most have at least heard of the service.

GoDaddy may not have the cheapest domain names. But, they’ve got a strong package with high value for your typical newcomer to building websites or blogs. This is likely the first-place people will land when getting setup – so it’s worthwhile getting your GoDaddy affiliate link in that funnel.

Can you make money with the GoDaddy affiliate program? Certainly.

We recommend mixing their promotions and offers alongside other domain name registrars. This provides your readers an excellent cross-selection. Then, back it with helpful tutorials and guides to maximize your affiliate link exposure and earnings potential.