Global Healing Center

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Program Details

Base Commission 5% - 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Check, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

Global Healing Center Affiliate Program: Overview

Global Healing Center has a mission of providing natural health information and products to revolutionize personal journey to better health.

Founded by Dr. Edward F. Group III, and with 20-years of experience in the industry, visitors can find high-quality products from detox/cleansing and health kits to supplements, skincare, and informational resources.

The Global Healing Center affiliate program allows partners to offer a high-quality alternative and natural health products to their community. Their affiliate program is one of the biggest in this niche having paid out more than $35 million since its launch.

The Global Healing Center program pays up to 10% commissions per sale. Though, commission rates vary by product selection. Products range from $3.99 to $129.95 and receive a 35% retention rate. On average, you can expect to earn 5-10% commissions.

The Global Healing Center Program: Pros and Cons

The Global Healing Center program, offered through Impact Radius, provides all the tools & resources you need to partner and promote their extensive catalog of dietary supplements, skin care products, cleansing systems, ebooks, and more.


  • 5-10% commissions
  • 90-day tracking cookie
  • Hundreds of creative assets
  • Pays 1st or 15th of each month


  • None (unless you don’t agree with this market)

Global Healing Center Offers and Promotion: Our Verdict

The high retention rate, low to premium pricing, and consistent affiliate payouts make the Global Healing Center’s program one of the best in their consumer niche. Frequent offers and promotions, 180-day guarantee, free delivery, and BBB awards make this an excellent brand to work with.

Overall, we don’t see any setbacks from joining the Global Healing Center affiliate program. There are certainly dozens of competitors in this market – but GHC handles it all giving you a huge selection of promotable products and supporting information.