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Program Details

Base Commission 1% - 5%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire
Accepted Countries Global

GameStop Affiliate Program: Overview

GameStop is the leading retailer providing video games, consoles, digital goods, and electronics. The brand touts thousands of locations across North America and holds a strong, online presence. On the site, customers can find the latest and greatest games for all major consoles.

Their pre-owned and trade-in service, albeit the butt of many jokes on social, creates a wonderful way for gamers to experience new thrills and excitement without the full-retail costs. The site, outside of games, offers collectibles, apparel, retro classics, phones, tablets, and more. The PowerUp Rewards program, Game Informer magazine, and Kongregate site has created a massive network of gamers.

The GameStop affiliate program (currently offered through Viglink and Rakuten) offers 5% commissions on all goods with a 1% commission on select goods (usually gift cards and the like).

The GameStop Program: Pros and Cons

GameStop is a survivor in a waning market slowly decaying to digital game sales. Yet, business remains booming because the demand for physical goods, accessories, and a local shop to browse and pick-up online orders remains efficient and fun.

What are the good parts of the GameStop affiliate program? Where does it falter?


  • Thousands of new and used games, consoles, and gadgets
  • A well-received reward and trade-in program creating repeat buyers


  • The declining physical video game sales market
  • Increased competition from digital distribution

GameStop Offers and Promotions: What We Think

GameStop has seen its ups and downs – competition is fierce with the uptick of digital streaming, digital distribution, free-to-play games, and indie titles – but the business remains. We think the GameStop offers and promotions are an absolute must for those in the video game niche.

The GameStop program doesn’t exactly pay well and other online shopping networks, like Amazon, GoG, and Steam, offer better deals. But, gamers like window shopping, the vibe, and trade-in (despite receiving rock-bottom offers). This is a brand like Blockbuster… one day it may go but until then it’s the best option gamers got as mainstream retailers go.

In all, GameStop has thousands of excellent opportunities because each game will draw and excite different parts of your community. The dozens of systems will further fragment (but tighten) the opportunities. So, yes, press start and playing the affiliate game with GameStop.