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Program Details

Base Commission 25%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire
Accepted Countries Global

GamePal Affiliate Program: Overview

GamePal is a marketplace to buy, sell, and trade online currency and accounts for popular online video games including World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Everquest, and others. The site also offers power leveling services (leveling an in-game character) provided by an in-house team.

The GamePal is the culmination and partnership of previous experience working with/on MySuperSales and IGE. The in-game currency and character leveling services do not participate in botting (automated gameplay) making the marketplace open and accessible without restrictions. GamePal also facilitates account trades through its platform.

The GamePal affiliate program pays 25% commissions for sales through its platform.

Offers and promotions available through the GamePal program includes the virtual currency, MMO accounts, MMO power leveling, Escort services, Made4Play, Build an Account, and Rental services. The program includes easy online tracking features and top-notch affiliate support.

The GamePal Program: Pros and Cons

GamePal provides a desirable, yet taboo, service to gaming enthusiasts and die-hards. In-game currency growth and character leveling take can take days. GamePal provides a short-cut for those limited on time or simply cannot be bothered with replaying large sections of the game.

What are the positives of the GamePal affiliate program? What are its negatives?


  • A unique, niche service with high affiliate payouts
  • Dozens of game options creating multiple sales funnels
  • 180-day tracking cookie for all provided services


  • Clunky web interface for customers and affiliates
  • Limited selection and lackluster designs for its creatives
  • At the will of copyright holders (despite the legality of the service)

GamePal Offers and Promotions: What We Think

The GamePal offers and promotions you’ll find as a partner are certainly niche.

But, these are wildly popular services within the massively multiplayer online market.

Help your gaming audience save time and energy through the GamePal host of services – and make hefty commissions in the process!