Freedom Debt Relief

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Program Details

Base Commission Variable
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit, ACH
Accepted Countries U.S.

Freedom Debt Relief Affiliate Program: Overview

Freedom Debt Relief offers debt settlement and negotiation services on behalf of their clients. More than 500,000 clients have enrolled with over $8 billion in debt resolved since its inception in 2002. The streamlined process identifies debt solutions, shows savings, and begins the negotiation process.

Freedom Debt Relief has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA today, Stanford Business, and many other high-profile institutions. Debt relief begins just days after enrollment. Partnerships with BBB, LendingClub, Wells Fargo, Quicken Loans, and Credit Karma make this service possible.

The Freedom Debt Relief affiliate program is part of the Freedom Financial Network program.

Here, affiliates can earn high commissions promoting debt settlement services. The Freedom Debt Relief program features industry-level tracking, reporting, and resources to improve performance.

The Freedom Debt Relief Program: Pros and Cons

Freedom Debt Relief is one of several major players in the debt settlement market. The company is effective in the services they provide. But, what good can they provide affiliates? What could turn this promotion negative in the eyes of your community?


  • Low fees for clients versus other major competitors
  • Quick turn around time for first settlements
  • High commission rates depending on client referral


  • Clients cannot include those with secured debt (like back taxes)
  • Legal troubles with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • 300+ consumer complaints on the BBB website

Freedom Debt Relief Offers and Promotions: What We Think

The Freedom Debt Relief affiliate program is a dime a dozen in the debt settlement industry. It’s easy to confuse this brand with several others considering they follow similar naming structures. The services are almost identical, too, along with affiliate commissions and payouts.

Joining the Freedom Debt Relief program is free but has some setbacks because of consumer complaints so take that into mind when promoting offers. We think the offers and promotions will provide ample earnings for affiliates positioned right.

In all, it’s a coin toss which debt settlement company you’ll affiliate with. But, if you had to choose an up-and-coming player, disrupting the industry, then Freedom Debt Relief is for you.