Franklin Debt Relief

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Program Details

Base Commission 1% of Total Client Debt
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, ACH
Accepted Countries U.S.

Franklin Debt Relief Affiliate Program: Overview

Franklin Debt Relief provides a debt settlement and debt negotiation services helping clients find common ground with creditors.

The Franklin Debt Relief program uses a “New Deal” program to find and offer a debt reduction process with one low payment – tackling the principle. Bankruptcy services and bankruptcy alternatives are available for those who qualify.

The Frank Debt Relief program and service provides one of the best solutions for consumers overwhelmed by debt burdens. If, after a consultation, clients are not satisfied with the service or offer, then Frank Debt Relief will help direct those clients to an affiliate to better suit their needs.

Thinking about joining the Franklin Debt Relief affiliate program?

If so, partners referring new clients to the FDR settlement program will receive 1% of the client’s total debt amount after their first payment.

FDR handles the debt settlement process, you track your performance with their management tools, and then payments are sent.

The Franklin Debt Relief Program: Pros and Cons

Franklin Debt Relief is one of a dozen+ brands in the debt settlement and consolidation market.

The scope of their service handles all forms of debt and gives clients a way out with one, low monthly payment. Those with unsecured debts can find resolve within 18-60-month repayment periods.


  • Several financial services creating a debt relief ecosystem
  • 1% commissions on high-cap debts provide ample commissions


  • Barebones affiliate program without many tools and creative resources
  • Commissions are for settlement services leaving a large gap in potential earnings

Franklin Debt Relief Services: Our Verdict

We think the Franklin Debt Relief offers and promotions are a dime a dozen with what you’ll find in the debt and credit card settlement market. Truth be told, it’s a rather boring industry so expecting cutting-edge websites and flashy services is far off.

The Franklin Debt Relief affiliate program doesn’t have the biggest commissions structure and lacks a lot of features one would expect from this industry. Extra support, creatives, and an overhaul of their partner program would be a huge welcome to their offering – but don’t hold your breath.

In all, Franklin Debt Relief remains a powerful player in the debt settlement, reduction, and relief market. They may not have the flashiest site, modern branding, and highest paying program, but they’re effective with what they do and that’s what matters.