Fairhaven Health

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Program Details

Base Commission 10% - 20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, EFT
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

Fairhaven Health Affiliate Program: Overview

Fairhaven Health is a brand providing products servicing those seeking natural fertility, pregnancy, and nursing.

Products found through their online platform include fertility supplements, ovulation prediction units, male fertility products, breastfeeding products, and more. The brand operates in retail spaces and through distributors – their products are well reviewed and backed by the medical field.

The Fairhaven Health affiliate program pays 10-20% commissions on products sold through their site.

The brand uses the ShareASale platform for affiliate management where partners can find creative assets and support for quickly starting and promoting its products. Specific products, like the OvaCue Fertility Monitor and OvaCue Mobile, pay 10% commissions.

The Fairhaven Health Program: Pros and Cons

Fairhaven Health provides a unique product catalog for an underrepresented market: those having trouble with fertility. This niche market has now grown to a multi-billion-dollar industry through its continual advancement in products and receiving FDA-approval.


  • Huge catalog of premium products, supporting research, and app
  • Well-received within trying-to-conceive and pregnancy communities


  • Many products not backed by FDA-approval (though some are)
  • A mixed selection of branded products (some big, some small)

Fairhaven Health Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Fairhaven Health affiliate program gives you access to quite an extensive product catalog aimed at a highly profitable niche.

Although many products do not have FDA-approval, that’s to be expected in the supplements market – their bigger products, the ovulation monitors, and trackers – are the flagship money-makers (even at the 10% commission rate).

In all, we think the Fairhaven Health program would create an incredibly interesting opportunity for those in the health and pregnancy niche. This is a niche where its participants will likely explore several products, across many months, before reaching goals – and you could be the one referring (and earning commissions) each time they buy.