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Program Details

Base Commission $0.20
Payment Frequency Monthly ($50 Min.)
Payment Type PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

EntireWeb Affiliate Program: Overview

EntireWeb is an alternate search engine. Yes, there are other options outside of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo! The EntireWeb search engine handles millions of searches every month and also acts as a showcase of its technology.

EntireWeb combines three popular search types: web search, image search, and real-time search. The platform has since expanded its set of offers since 2010 into a pay-per-click advertising solution much like the AdWords program.

In all, EntireWeb gives users an international set of results without the looming privacy and tracking found through other, major search engines.

The EntireWeb affiliate program pays $0.20 for every click delivered through their free search engine submission service. Being that getting listed on a search platform can drive visitors and sales… this has created a high conversion rate with its referred users!

The EntireWeb Program: Pros and Cons

Surprisingly, the EntireWeb affiliate program pays well. Will users stick to using the platform vs reverting to their favorite (… Google)? Who knows. But there’s enough novelty in using a different search provider to convert a few of your followers!


  • Earn 20c for someone submitting their website to a search engine


  • The search engine isn’t well-known or heavily used

EntireWeb Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The EntireWeb search engine is decent at best – the results aren’t stellar but it does provide a neat alternative vs the other, major providers.

EntireWeb goes for the international crowd which does have a value especially when users want to get away from Google/Microsoft/Yahoo accounts.

Partners to the EntireWeb program gets an incredibly simple offer and promotion – get someone to add their site and get paid. It takes a minute to submit a site to the platform. This is probably one of the easiest promotions you’ll have in the webmasters, SEO, and marketing niche.