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Program Details

Base Commission 20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

Entertainment® Affiliate Program: Overview

The Entertainment website gives visitors access to becoming members to one of the largest brands providing deals for entertainment.

Whether it’s a slice of pizza or going to the zoo, the Entertainment book (and app) contains coupons for restaurants, hotels, attractions, groceries, 2-for-1 specials, 50% off discounts, and a whole lot more – more than 500,000 and counting.

Entertainment.com also connects business owners with millions of consumers through sponsorship. Or, helping fundraisers achieve goals, corporate savings programs, and other opportunities.

The Entertainment® affiliate program pays 20% commissions for all sales to its book and app.

The program is straight-forward with its host of banners, management, and support. Sign up is open globally and payments are regular.

The Entertainment® Program: Pros and Cons

The Entertainment program provides your usual set of features needed to get promotions going. The massive coupon catalog is the biggest in its industry – working with Entertainment lets you promote offers in just about every industry and niche.


  • 20% commissions for promoting coupons (win/win)
  • 500,000+ offers in the book and app


  • These are successful deals often sold through school fundraisers
  • A one-time sale type of thing

Entertainment® Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Remember those coupon books they had you promote to win cool prizes in schools? Think of that but doing it to get money, directly. Entertainment is the brand behind most of those fundraisers so already you probably know what they offer – now get on the other side by promoting it through your site!

It’s kind of funny… your competition is schools (in a way). These promotions go out regularly and often get bought up. People will sit on these offers for quite some time, picking and choosing select coupons.

In all, the Entertainment offers and promotions are powerful because there’s simply so many. Getting 20% commissions for selling access to the book/app is a big, win/win!