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Program Details

Base Commission $5 (Used Car Leads) or $12 (Car Dealer Quotes)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries U.S.A.

Edmunds Affiliate Program: Overview

Edmunds is the go-to source for millions seeking new and used cars online. Visitors can browse by car types or search through the generalized listing to find the best bang for their buck. The real value of Edmunds is found in their extensive, expert reviews of nearly every vehicle make and model.

Edmunds clearly explains the pros and cons of each vehicle. Their expert reviews measures performance, features, and aggregates reviews from the community and other respectable rating providers like J.D. Power, IIHS, and NHTSA.

The Edmunds affiliate program is ideal for those sites and communities interested in buy new cars.

Through the program, affiliates can add Edmunds.com banners, widgets, and text links. Each referral through the Edmunds program generates $12 commissions for a car dealer quotes. Used car leads generate $5. The program is offered globally and pays monthly.

The Edmunds Program: Pros and Cons

Since 1966, Edmunds has been a quality provider of detailed reports, breakdowns, and guides for buying new and used cars. Their entry into the online space allowed the brand to leverage connections ultimately developing an attractive affiliate program.

What are the good parts of the Edmunds affiliate program? What’s the bad?


  • Good commissions for both new and used car leads
  • One of the largest, extensive databases for car details


  • Only U.S. affiliates accepted into the program
  • All affiliate traffic must directly link to a page on Edmunds.com

Edmunds Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Edmunds is a trusted source of vehicle information making them an automatic inclusion in any blog or site focused on auto enthusiasts, car info, or financial advice. It makes perfect sense to include them in your content and promotions – they are the #1 source for car info.

We think the Edmunds offers and promotions have a decent payout structure one would expect sending leads to new and used car sales. The program, itself, isn’t innovative but it’s effective at what it provides.

In all, the Edmunds program presents a great opportunity when monetizing a car blog or campaign. The brand identity and helpful information carries the conversion – your audience know and use this company, so why bother linking to any other?