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Program Details

Base Commission 50% - 70% (Varies by Category)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

eBay Affiliate Program: Overview

eBay is the world’s largest online auction marketplace where visitors can find their favorite brands at competitive prices or strange, one-of-a-kind items sold by users. There’s a special place for eBay because shoppers find new & used items from others vs businesses – making some auctions an amazing deal versus if they bought it in-store.

eBay has over 1.1 billion listings across all its domains. Chances are, if you can think it, you’ll find it on this auction network. This makes for an incredible opportunity to promote a wide range of products on your site and in social feeds.

About the eBay Affiliate Program

The eBay affiliate program pays 50% – 70% of what eBay makes. The program also pays a 100% bonus (of its baseline earnings) if a new or reactivated buyer goes through checkout. You’ll have a short, 24-hour cookie time to generate these sales. But, its short auction timers and Buy It Now feature should prove profitable with the right mix of promotion and hype.

The backend features of the eBay Partner Network are some of the best you’ll find in the affiliate space.

Once you join the eBay program, you’ll gain access to a wealth of creative assets including banners, text links, and widgets. You’ll also have access to a robust tracking & reporting system to monitor campaigns.

EPN tools also include:

  • Smart links to auto monetize each link you share
  • Smart placements with dynamic banners
  • Smart share to quickly list links on social
  • Item feeds and RSS generator
  • Access to the API and product feeds

… and so much more.

What else is good? More than 391 million people use the eBay app with 61% of its users buying through their mobile device. Simply put, the eBay affiliate program has everything you need to get campaigns up and running without any hassle and troubles.

The eBay Affiliate Program: Pros and Cons

eBay has been active for years and although many competitors (like Amazon) has come along and dethroned the online marketplace… it’s still going stronger than ever! People love buying from eBay because they can find all sorts of neat and interesting items.

Plus, you pretty much find all major brands represented on the site – at comparable (and often cheaper) prices than its major competitors. The only drawback is its legacy since the platform was somewhat difficult to use in the past – but today, it’s super easy and intuitive – though that’s something you’ll have to help users overcome.

What are the best parts of the eBay affiliate program? Where does the Partner Network lack?


  • Huge 50% – 70% commissions (and bonuses)
  • Massive product catalog with tons of odd-ball items
  • Easy to sign-up and begin promoting


  • Small auctions won’t pay out that well
  • Short 24-hour cookie
  • A limited set of branded domains/marketplaces

eBay Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think it’s an awesome opportunity to partner with the eBay offers and promotions found through their partnership program. Why? Because eBay runs frequent promotions and satisfies the need for an auction marketplace vs full-on retail – this adds a layer of fun to buying online.

The eBay affiliate program pays well which is a great bonus on top of being able to promote products found nowhere else online. Smaller auctions may not earn a lot but there are some massive promotions at times! Plus, their Buy It Now feature makes them just as good as Amazon and other competitors.

In all, not everyone in your community will like using eBay because it’s clunkier than typical online shopping sites and hubs. But, those that do are hooked. The fact you can link odd-ball items, leverage coupons, and still find just about any and every product makes this a great, potential partnership.