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Program Details

Base Commission Up To $25 + Bonuses
Payment Frequency Quarterly
Payment Type Check, PayPal
Accepted Countries U.S., District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico

eBates Affiliate Program: Overview

eBates is a wildly popular online hub and community helping people save money and earn cash back. The program acts as an in-between (they’re affiliates) for hundreds of online stores. If users purchase through their internal links, then they can earn 3, 6, 12% cash back or more.

eBates uses a built-in referral system to incentivize users referring others. This, combined with a larger user base, increases the potential earnings for all participants. eBates has frequent offers like double cash back and in-store cashback coupons. They have a wonderful app and browser extension that’ll automatically find and apply discounts.

The eBates affiliate program is a bit of a catch-all opportunity for partners. eBates pays $25 commissions for each referral that’ll sign up and spend at least $25. The person referred will receive a $10 bonus, as well, after having completed the base transaction.

The program uses its in-house platform for invite/referral links. There, you’ll find a referral dashboard and basic features to track performance.

The eBates Program: Pros and Cons

The eBates program is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for affiliates. The platform is, in itself, an affiliate hub to stores listed through their program. They provide a cut if users shop through their hub.

What are the benefits of the eBates affiliate program? What downsides does its refer-a-friend have?


  • $10 incentive when spending your first $25 is a big incentive
  • 3%+ cash back savings for everyday purchases (that stack with other offers)
  • Simple, built-in program with every account


  • Lose out on higher commissions versus promoting the targeted stores

eBates Offers and Promotions: What We Think

There’s really no downside to adding the eBates affiliate program to your offers. The platform is a catch-all for online deals and payouts. The value proposition for this site is massive since users save on everyday purchases and earn a $10 bonus when spending $25+.

That said, we think eBates’ only drawback is how the platform “snipes” affiliate commissions. Meaning, you could refer visitors to an online store but them going to eBates will strip the potential commission. It’s a tough decision to consider to see if the trade-off is worthwhile.

In all, the eBates offers and promotions are top-notch and pay mind-blowingly well. It’s a no-brainer type promotion because everyone wins when using eBates. This is a fantastic program to promote for any site touching on finances, lifestyle, and especially coupons.