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Program Details

Base Commission 50%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire
Accepted Countries Global

EasySketchPro Affiliate Program: Overview

EasySketchPro is an online, interactive tool giving customers the ability and resources to create doodle explainer videos to improve website engagement and sales. The online platform will automatically convert live video to sketched versions.

The EasySketchPro tool also allows a drag nā€™ drop interface to add background music, voice over, or music to easily create sketch videos. The tools add interactive social features, opt-in forms, and features built-in analytics, and more. EasySketchPro has three options: starter, business, and pro.

The EasySketchPro affiliate program (aka. Joint Venture Program) allows partners to make money selling the Easy Sketch Pro Business tiered product.

Affiliates can earn 50% commissions on a $67 sale (part of an entire sales funnel). The sales funnel includes many bonus offers and promotions to entice additional sales. The program has regular contests and prize pools for top-performing affiliates, too!

The EasySketchPro Program: Pros and Cons

The EasySketchPro program promotes one, wildly successful online marketing tool with variations giving different features and benefits. The tool, used by more than 50k+ customers, leverages the power of video in animated form ā€“ giving camera-shy business owners a way to increase conversions with video.

This income increasing tool has high earnings potential for partners in the marketing niche. What are the good parts of the EasySketchPro affiliate program? What are the bad parts?


  • Over 9 other products included in the sales funnel to boost commissions


  • Sketch-style explainer videos are becoming less frequently used

EasySketchPro Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Easy Sketch Pro program, through JV Zoo, runs regular contests and sales pushes to maximize hype, awareness, and sales ā€“ a great opportunity for affiliates patient and want big pay-days.

We think the Easy Sketch Pro offers and promotions have a strong value ā€“ sketch-drawn explainer videos are the perfect gateway to video content which is quickly becoming a major investment for businesses.

In all, the Easy Sketch Pro affiliate program offers hefty commissions, presents a great product, fulfills a sub-niche product category, and uses nearly a dozen cross-sells to maximize partner earnings.