Dr. Credit

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Program Details

Base Commission 15%
Payment Frequency Weekly
Payment Type EFT
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

Dr. Credit Affiliate Program: Overview

Dr. Credit is a personal loans provider for people with bad or subpar credit scores. Though, also provides these options for those with good and fair credit, too. The service provides a secured or unsecured personal loan available for any purpose.

Visitors can browse offerings, get a quote, and choose to agree to terms and payment while receiving quick access to funds shortly after approval and signage. Dr. credit also offers support and resources for refinancing, credit repair, bankruptcy, and more.

The Dr. Credit affiliate program pays per lead and 15% on all sales generated through referral links.

The Dr. Credit program creates an all-in-one solution for those seeking debt, credit cards/repair, and loan services. Access to this program provides a wealth of tools & resources, and a 30-day tracking cookie, to earn on multiple levels with its revenue share structure.

The Dr. Credit Program: Pros and Cons

The Dr. Credit program operates through the iDevAffiliate platform. There, you’ll find links and resources to begin promoting one of the best brands in its industry. It’s free to join and provides unlimited income potential.


  • Get paid per lead
  • Earn 15% on all sales, too
  • All-in-one destination for financial services
  • Payments are made weekly


  • None that we can see

Dr. Credit Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

For users, the offers and promotions they find on Dr. Credit take the hassle out debt consolidation, obtaining personal loans, and fixing credit. Dr. Credit provides it all. Because they do, the site boasts a high conversion rate – passing its efficiency and success onto affiliate efforts.

As an affiliate, you can earn with each referral and bonus revenue from extra sales. Its 30-day cookie and weekly payout should become a heavy earner when paired with strong call-to-action. In all, the Dr. Credit affiliate program is well-rounded, having the features you want and need, and would act as your go-to promotion in this niche.

Check it out, consider signing up, and see what’s possible when you’re a partner in the program!