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Program Details

Base Commission Up To 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

DietBet Affiliate Program: Overview

DietBet, a WayBetter Company, has a unique twist to weight loss:

  1. Join the weight loss “game” comprised of 628k+ members
  2. Lose weight
  3. Win and split the prize pool

The science behind the social weight loss game creates an encouraging participation not only from its community aspect but having a little something extra on the line… money. Users can create games challenge their community with the platforms built-in weight-loss gamification tools.

Users submit their photos and weight and start off with 28 days to lose 4% of their weight. Those able to reach their goals are entered into the pot — dividing the prize pool to the winners. It creates a win/win scenario for participants because even if they don’t win… they’re creating great habits!

The DietBet affiliate program provides 5-10% commissions from the gross pot for each game.

Partnership with the DietDebt program has tons of rewards with strong marketing support through email and homepage placements, to coaching, and customizable game tools. Plus, a portion of the prize pool goes to non-profit organizations!

The affiliate program for DietBet has three levels of earning potentials (well, more like two): Assistant, Pro, and Master. Each requires more, organized DietBets but those on the ‘Master’ level (5 organized bets) can earn up to 10% of the gross pot income.

The DietBet Program: Pros and Cons

The DietBet affiliate program would introduce a neat, unique offer to your weight loss and diet campaigns. The gamification model of the platform creates high engagement and motivation, keeping users coming back to reach new goals, contribute to the pot, and win big prizes.

What are the up-sides of the DietBet program? What are its downsides?


  • Bonus earnings incentives with dedication (up to 10%)
  • The prize pool is variable – the more participants, the more you earn


  • Lowest level affiliates do not earn from the prize pool
  • Payout percentages adjusted downwards for games under $100

DietBet Offers and Promotions: What We Think

The DietBet offers and promotions are one-of-a-kind. This brand has something totally unique for your audience in the weight loss, health, and diet niche. The monetary reward for getting healthy and its strong community makes partnering with DietBet a no-brainer.

In all, DietBet has an opportunity to generate a new income-making channel for your efforts. The payouts are good if you reach master level – and you get the good feeling some is going to charity.