Debt Free League

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Program Details

Base Commission $125
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Mexico, Canada, and Some U.S.

Debt Free League Affiliate Program: Overview

Debt Free League provides secure debt negotiation and settlement services by positioning their customers/clients to take advantage of bankruptcy alternatives to minimize creditor harassment and create a “win-win” solution with creditors.

The Debt Free League professionals negotiate on our behalf to lower what’s owned giving its clients a lump-sum option (with a written letter) to save on debt. The company can provide payment options to significantly reduce and eliminate debt from credit cards, foreclosures, collection lawsuits, and more.

The Debt Free League affiliate program pays a $125 commission for every referral turn client.

The Debt Free League program has your usual set of affiliate tracking & management if/when you get through to the platform (see more on that later). Upon joining, its base referral commissions and unlimited referral limit can turn any business, finance, or debt blog into a money-maker.

The Debt Free League Program: Pros and Cons

The Debt Free League program is clunky but rewarding. Partners get to know they’re helping visitors overcome their financial woes while earning health commissions for the efforts. What are the good and bad parts of partnering with the Debt Free League?


  • High $125 commission for converted referrals
  • Help clients overcome debt and reach financial freedom


  • Their services aren’t available in many areas
  • Referrals must hold a minimum $7,500+ in debt

Debt Free League Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Debt Free League has a wonderful set of offers and promotions for those holding $7500+ in debt whether it’s credit cards and loans to collections and business debt. The program pays well for converted referrals. But, the partnership is clunky having to call/email to set up the relationship.

There are easier debt settlement and elimination programs in the market.

We think this is a good opportunity if you have the patience to create an account. But if time is limited, you may want to see opportunities elsewhere.