Debt Consolidation Care

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Program Details

Base Commission $20 (Lead), $60 Sign Up Bonus, 10% of Trailing Fees
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

Debt Consolidation Care Affiliate Program: Overview

Debt Consolidation Care is a combination debt relief community and referral service. They operate as a community aimed to help people take control of their finances while referring users to accredit debt consolidation services. It’s a system like those lawyer referral services you hear on the radio.

The Debt Consolidation Care website offers endless discussion and information about getting out of debt. It’s one of the first communities dedicated to the subject to come online. Their placement in the space has crafted a strong brand and association.

Offers and promotions through the Debt Consolidation Care affiliate program are extensive and rewarding. Affiliates can expect two methods of commissions: A $20 per contactable lead + $60 sign up bonus + 10% of trailing fees for those with less than $10k debt or $35/$120/10% for those with more than $10k of debt.

The Debt Consolidation Care affiliate program also operates through a pay per sale model.

This generates $120 commissions with 10% trailing of fees up to $500 per client and the same 10% of trailing fees.

The program is free to join, and payments are sent to U.S. based addresses as checks of wire transfers.

The Debt Consolidation Care Program: Pros and Cons

Debt Consolidation Care is a two-hitter in the debt relief industry by way of their massive community and relationships with debt settlement companies. What makes this program better (or worse) than others like National Debt Relief or Curadebt? Let’s find out.


  • Huge earning potential with their $125 – $500 referral payouts
  • Recurring 10% income from the trailing fees
  • Overall website stickiness from community participation


  • Leads are disqualified if clients are seeking loans or credit repair
  • Affiliate referral structure creates opportunity but touches on MLM
  • Clients may bypass referrals and seek guidance from the source

Debt Consolidation Offer and Promotions: Our Verdict

Online debt settlement and consolidation companies are a dime a dozen. Many operate as referral services to actual companies. Debt Consolidation Care is one of those companies. That’s not a bad thing, per se, but one wonders if you’re receiving less a cut of the referral (hint: you probably are).

Outside of the referral chain, the Debt Consolidation Care affiliate program pays ample commissions far better than many of their competitors. The offers and promotions found through this program would make a great addition to any personal finance, debt, or business blog.

In conclusion, we believe the Debt Consolidation Care program to be worth its while. The affiliate commissions are top-notch, support is strong, the brand is thriving, and the market is growing. This is a program you’ll want to join ASAP.