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Program Details

Base Commission Variable
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

DealPro Affiliate Program: Overview

The DealPro Network (, Sponsored Campaigns, and Favado) is an online platform sourcing the best deals and coupons from across the Web. The site boasts thousands of coupons for every service and brand imaginable. The site operates as a coupon network for consumer goods, groceries, local deals, and more.

The DealPro affiliate program provides access to 50,000 active deals and exclusive partnerships. The platform provides deep linking, ad units, printable coupons, and special merchant promotions. Affiliates can implement the DealPro program through widgets, iFrames, links, and display.

Payments for the DealPro affiliate program are 60-90 days after qualified transactions and all payments are processed through PayPal. The payout for each promotion varies but an ample cut goes to referrers.

The DealPro Program: Pros and Cons

The DealPro Network has three incredible, online properties for anyone interested in adding coupons and deals to their niche sites. The 50000+ deals and offers should create endless opportunities whether you’re promoting bicycles or makeup to groceries and home improvement.

What makes the DealPro affiliate program a good fit? Where does it fall short?


  • Robust affiliate backend for tracking, reporting, and resources
  • Access to thousands of major brands, deals, and promotions


  • Long payment delay because of the verification period
  • Money is earned through giveaway signups

DealPro Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The DealPro affiliate program (through the platform) has an attractive offer because most consumers seek coupons before buying products. It simply makes sense to have coupon codes and deals on your niche website.

We think the DealPro offers are just in their payout. The catalog of brands and offers makes this a wonderful opportunity if your audience has any semblance of frugal tendencies (hint: we all do). The payment delay will scare many affiliates – it’ll take a while before commissions roll in – but coupons aren’t going away so it would be a disservice to bail on the campaigns.

In all, we think the DealPro offers and promotions can provide a great opportunity when monetizing your frugal or shopping blog. In fact, we think every affiliate could find a way to implement a deals and coupons hub into their site.  Why not partner with one of the biggest programs in the space?